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Mindfulness is an act of Self-Care

By Faria Sharmeen

MON NOV 30, 2020

With the rising COVID cases – we are all unsure how long we will have to continue living this way. The most important thing is we continue to take each day at a time and prioritize keeping our nervous system calm and balanced. So, here's a quick reminder that no matter what is happening around – you are the sole caregiver of your mind, body, and energy. You have to take care of yourself, show up for yourself each and every single day;  so you can continue to live with joy and awareness. Mindful movement practice and some downtime in the daily self-care ritual is extremely beneficial for that. Our body was designed to move and the lack of movement makes us feel stiff and and even lead to discomfort and pain. Movement also has the capacity to shift our mood as well. We were designed to move! What does your daily movement practice look like?

Now let's talk about the mind. It is indeed the most important aspect of our being. Somedays you may find the mind to be in a rut - unable to find clarity or where to begin.  Even though we may have everything we need, our mind may lack joy and ease in the daily routines. When this happens, take some time to pause and notice your breath to tune into yourself. Ask yourself how and what are you feeling exactly. Name your emotion. Naming emotions calms the amygdala – the part of the brain that regulates emotions. Once you are able to give a name to your feelings or specific emotion, notice what is shows up - without any judgment, doubt or fear. Whatever arises, with compassion – simply observe and acknowledge. Keeping your focus on your breath, guide your focus to the present moment of where you are. Look around the space you are in and name 5 things that you see. Then remind yourself of just 5 things you feel grateful for. This is a slow mindful exercise – to help our monkey mind slow down. Take 5-10 minutes for this mindful practice. It can be a practice to come to anytime you need. Just as much as we work out we also need to work in – just 10-15 minutes of consistent mindful practice can fill your well and build the resilience to move through life.

Wishing you blessed rest of the day. Until next time!