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Patience, Prayer, and Submission

By Faria Sharmeen

WED MAR 09, 2022

It is our soul's deepest desire to live a life free of suffering. Unfortunately, the nature of this life is - it is not devoid of suffering. We all have our stories of trauma, pain, and suffering. As we spend more time on this earth - we also carry so much within us. Being human is complicated - this being a physical being having emotional, spiritual, and mental side to us is complex yet so beautiful. We suffer because we feel. At times when we fall into the depth of suffering, it can leave us feeling unbalanced and untethered. A sense of restlessness creeps in and we fall into a state of distress and deep sorrow. We truly cannot control all that happens around us, but we can certainly control our own self. Not an easy task always - because when we are in a state of suffering it is hard to take actions. The energy and vibration within feels stuck. Oftentimes, we cannot change these negative thoughts and energies that we find ourselves in (be it anger, rage, sadness, sorrow etc) but we can change how we choose to engage with these negative energies and feelings. It is difficult to observe and sit with our feelings and emotions - and once we find the courage to sit with these discomforts and negative feelings - with time it passes away. Nothing lasts forever. We need to allow ourself time and continue to do the work. Often times we are in a rush to get out of this state - but dealing with ourselves with patience is such a big part of the process. Being patient serves in great way. Being patient in moments of suffering requires a lot of strength, willpower, and a sense of submission.
I feel. I feel deeply - into my heart and in my bones. I feel my own pain and I feel the pain of others as well. After all these years I have realized this is my greatest asset. As I have come to learn the tools and practices to manage these big feelings - I am convinced even more that these are such basic parts and tools of self-care that equips us and guides us in this journey of life. Meditation, nature therapy, and movement - all to find some ease in times of hardship. And prayer! What a great tool it is! When we truly have that conviction to submit our intelligence and let go of all the troubles in our heart knowing that a higher power is in charge - what else can be more freeing than that?

So, today I add couple more to the list of self-care - the 2 Ps and a S. Patience, Prayer and Submission.

May we find ease

May we be safe

May we be free from suffering

May we find peace