Love, Connection, & Ease through Movement & Stillness

About Me

Hello, Beautiful soul! I am so grateful you are here!

My name is Faria (pronounced Fa-ri-aa). I am a Trauma Informed Therapeutic Yoga Teacher (500 hour RTY) based in Northern VA.

I am a mental health and Mind-body connection nerd and I love to learn and share practices that helps us cultivate overall wellbeing.

To me, being in the path of yoga means being curious and checking with our intensions; always striving to do better yet giving ourself grace. It is a practice that invites self-awareness not just on the mat but outside as well. Yoga to me is a practice of being in the path of learning, growing and self-work (even if it's messy) - a journey that never ends. I am a forever student of life and when not in training or teaching, I cherish connecting with people, taking long walks, outdoors, soaking in the sun, reading, and being anywhere near water.

I love to help fellow humans find joy in their self-care practice that can help build deeper and richer relationship to their own-self and those around them.

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